Gamer, Lover, Thinker, Grinder, Crazy?!

=> Playing poker online since 2007, seriously since 2012 => Won $50k playing micro-stakes, 2.5m hands online
=> Recent Computer Science BSc Graduate(YEAHHH!!!)
=> Coach of over 400 very happy grinders => Love to game on the side when I have some free time!

I’ve always dreamed to be a pro basketball player, so I went to IT college because they had the best basketball team so it was like a launching ramp. I was also very good with PC’s and math, gamer since 3 years old(Prince of Persia, MK3, GPEGA, DOOM etc), so it was an obvious choice for me. Few months later and a terrible accident (busted leg), I recovered but I could never reach the same performance as I did before.

Basketball was over for me.

I fell into a great period of depression, consuming large quantities of alcohol with friends, totally quitting IT college and just going out every night clubbing and to parties every night in a row for months and months, pissing away all my money. I had nothing to lose, the dream was dead. I had played a bit of poker before but nothing special, just got some free bankrolls online and pissed them away.

At some point, and I remember this perfectly, I saw Tom Dwan saying that he started with 50$ and made millions online. I started believing in myself and started contemplating living off poker, so I said I’d give it my best shot. I changed college to the other IT college in my city, just to keep the mouths shut, I didn’t attend any classes for the 1st year, I just read and watched everything that I could get my hands on and played and played and played.

I lied to my parents saying that I took all my exams, while all I was doing was playing poker. I was 24-tabling nl2 Full Ring and was making around 450$ which is over average salary in Romania. I was really proud of myself and saw a way to earn a fair living out of this.

Few months later I learn on my own skin that scammers exist. I got scammed out of my whole entire bankroll, only 25$ left. Yeah I know, I’m an idiot. At this exact point I remember having 100$ in my pocket, getting kicked out of the place I was staying to I had to find another place to live in a foreign city (alone), and also my parents heard that I was failing the year again. So they told me to come home! And get a job if I can’t do anything in college!

So I had 25$ in my account and 100$ in my pocket, and the situation was looking really grim. Come home, my folks said. Get a job, they said. They had no idea how this motivated me. Also, at the time, my father didn’t talk for several years to me, so I felt like everyone thought I was a DISAPPOINTMENT. I cried to sleep at night. The pain inside was horrible. Thinking that every parent and grand-parent of yours thinks that you’re a DISAPPOINTMENT. But I held with mine.

I found a room for 80$ and started grinding. Over the course of 2 weeks I ate almost nothing else than bread and mustard and a few meals at friend’s houses (they weren’t rich either but they gave me a little bit of what they had, around 1 meal every 2 days), but I was SO DETERMINED. I grinded and grinded and grinded until after 2 weeks I had around 300$ in my account. It was a tough grind. For the 1st day I held to my remaining 20$ in case I needed more bankroll because of the swings. Luckily I ran good and didn’t have to reload because then I’d had to starve. Last 4 days while I was still waiting for my 200$ withdrawal, I had headaches because of hunger, but I was SO PROUD!

So after that, a friendly grinder gave me 100$ on 888 and he told me that I could beat nl10 there, to get to work. After a week I had 500$ in my account, I gave him his 100$ + 10% profit that he requested and I just grinded. I was making 1k-1.5k$ per month playing NL10, I also had the best summer of my life. Making 3x avg salary in Romania seems really good. I never looked back.

2.5 million cash game hands and +50k$ later, here I am!