One million dollars will basically be all the money I need for almost my entire life (I will not stop working, just have financial safety and feel a lot less constrained). It will also be enough money to finish my bucket list. This contains:

A house

I’ve always dreamed of having my own little house that I could set up by my own tastes. I am also very afraid of bad conditions and war, and would definitely work on having my own “protection basement” that I could reside for even months on end with electricity, water, food and Internet, if possible. This is a priority over almost everything and the safe-house is a must.

Help my family

If you’ve been reading “The Story”, my family is pretty far apart. Some of the members need help and if I had the financial means, I would be the one to ease their pain. I want to be that one!

A game basement

Ever since I was a 2-year old, I’ve had a computer in my house and the first game I learnt how to play was Prince of Persia in 1992. I was hooked.

There is a game-room in plan for the house that contains a pool table, some consoles, a big screen and high-end gaming PC, some VR elements and couches all around + audio and home cinema systems. But that’s always an extra.

Travel the world

The big one in the bucket list is to visit a lot of countries and take an international vacation that will last for more than a month with my girlfriend. Visit the rest of Europe, Australia, the US, Canada, Japan(big fan here), China, South Korea, Southern America, Egypt, and a lot more countries that I haven’t said here for obvious space and formatting reasons. More on this in a chapter of The Story.

Have more time

I do work a whole lot into bringing excellent quality content to my viewers, play long hours of online poker and even help some people on the side with IT stuff so that I can ensure a decent living. My dream is to have more time to spend with friends, family and everyone, and to have loads of time so that I can create entertaining videos of PC Gaming and IRL stuff that YouTube and Twitch viewers can laugh and crackle to.

Win a WSOP Bracelet

I’ve been playing poker online for about 8 years now, over 3 million individual hands played, and have been living from online poker for over 3 years. I really do think that I am proficient in this area, have coached over 500 students in the art of poker and the money would help me participate in a few tournaments to take a few shots at winning a World Series of Poker Champion Title and Bracelet.

Complete my Steam collection

I’ve been collecting Steam games for a long time now, buying a lot of cheap bundles of games that I consider classics, and also sacrificing some money here and there to get a few more expensive titles, like DOOM for example. I’m an avid FPS fan, but also love RPG’s and any type of online competitive game, so I’d take a shot at completing my Steam collection and making a lot of videos about these games.

Give those in need a fresh start

I’d love to do this once a month, take someone that’s in real need and on the street, offer them a hotel room so that they can groom and shower, and get them a bit of clothes and help them in the meanwhile look for a job. I would also like to know their stories because I believe you can really get wiser from listening to the unfortunate.

Give regularly to orphanages and make their Christmas a better holiday

It’s all just a matter or perspective at how you look at it, but when you see these kids, they have nothing and they’re helpless. I feel like injustice is being done here, because the country doesn’t support them more, but maybe people can make a difference, or at least I can. I’d bring them computers into the orphanage, bring in or teach myself PC lessons so that they can get onwards to an easier life if they learn programming and can start either going to Computer Science college when they finish high-school, or start working in a programming internship. Also, I’d make the little ones’ Christmas and Easter brighter by giving them toys, candy and clothes.

If you got here, this doesn’t mean it’s the end. It just means that I’m not done building this page and probably never will, because I’m very ambitious and will always find something to dream about or to accomplish, but if I manage to do all of these, I’ll be a lot happier!