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Improve your poker game by watching our non-stop coaching TV!

  • General Game Analysis – Look over the most important stats in your game to figure out where your major leaks are.
  • 3-bet/4-bet/5-bet council – Figuring out and using the optimal ranges against most of your opponents
  • Session Review – Let’s check out some recent hands and see where your leaks are and how you can improve your game permanently by never missing a value-bet or a good bluff opportunity again!
  • Q&A – Ask me whatever about anything. Anything poker related preferably. I am an encyclopedia of poker facts, knowledge and hand reviewing. I can do everything for you in this department.
  • Database Analysis – Give me your poker database and let me find all your leaks! We’re going to plug them and the next time you’re in a tough spot, you’ll know what to do!
  • Demonstration – I play your limit and show you the opponents leaks and how you can exploit them, and you write them down and remember them. This way, you can use them yourself!
  • Math – This is where I think I am best at. Teach you easier ways on how you can calculate everything you need on the spot, and use that to your advantage!
  • Bet Sizing Analysis – The biggest leak I’ve found in most players is being afraid to bet big. Let me fix that for you in some bet sizing analysis sessions.
  • Live Play – Have me over your shoulder watching and directing your every move, live discussion about spots and what could have been done better!
  • Post-flop moves vs regs – Some moves I’ve gathered over the years to include into my arsenal to make money in the long run from regs. You should have them too!
  • Pre-flop perfection – Analyze your pre-flop tendencies and correct the ones that are making you lose a lot of money! And I mean a LOT!
  • Website Consiliation – What are the best sites for me right now to play on ? Where can I find the best deals ? All here.
  • And basically everything you want on top of these.

Talk in chat to other viewers and ask questions, they might actually get answered.

  • Have been active on 2p2,  PokerStrategy since 2009, and had a really sick blog on PokerVIP (over 20.000 reads).
  • I’ve been playing poker for 7 years now, made over $50k online and am living off it for 2 years now, making a whopping 13BB/100 hands on over a million hands @NL10 and clear winner at NL50.
  • I have written over 30 articles for PokerVIP and have been an Official Hand Reviewer and Video Producer.